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Quotationer is a software that enables you to create a sales Quotation or Estimate or Invoice in two to three mouse clicks. No more do you have go through Word or Excel documents spending hours and much money to prepare a quotation for your customer. Instead our software will enable you to do your job with cent percent accuracy in no time. Either you can create an existing template or create one of your own and populate the needed data from the software in no time. The robust nature of the this software keeps the Quotation or Invoice process consistent among multiple users. Being a Windows based software this offline tool keeps your private data fool proof and secure. Online version also available. Quotationer enables you to create a feature-rich PDF document and mail the same to the customer in no time.
Following are the key features of the product:

  • Create your sales Quotations/Invoices/Estimates faster with 100% accurate data.
  • Create estimates.
  • It keeps your quotation/Invoice/Estimate process consistent among multiple users.
  • User friendly - Easy to use and understand.
  • Windows based software.(Offline) - Online version also available.
  • Offline tool - keeps your private data as your own.
  • GST/VAT - Tax compatible
  • GST/Discount/Image compatible temples
  • Profit calculation option for each product
  • Total profit for each Quotation.
  • Purchase price, MRP, Margin options.
  • Multiple company setup
  • Client-Server/Individual set 
  • Add notes on Product.
  • Keep status and comments on quotations and invoices. 
  • Customer management section.
  • Sales manager, Project category options.
  • Filtering options and its reports.(Based on Customer/Product/Date wise/Status/Sales Manager/Project Category)
  • Revise your quotations/Invoices/Estimates easily.
  • Straightway change prices while the document creation.
  • Create profiles for reuse.
  • Create quotations and Invoices using our predefined set of templates.
  • Add products with Images.(In an easy manner)
  • Add your logo, address, seal and signatures with the template.(Header and footer)
  • Customize signatures
  • Add flyers/pdfs with the quotation
  • Email with Outlook/Gmail.
  • Create Item sets with a group of items.
  • Apply simple formulas for calculating quantities or prices (for e.g.: area in sqft - length x width)
  • Detailed calculation steps in Quotation.
  • Customize your tax values/general costs.
  • Customize the terms and conditions for each template.
  • Customized covering letters.
  • Customer management.

If you want to add a custom template, please contact us.

Installation - Individual/Online network/offline network
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7 Days trial version is available in our website.
You can download it from http://www.quotationer.com/download/

For any installation doubts/questions
Please email us to: sales@quotationer.com